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Minutes: 02-19-2019

  • Agenda reading
  • Sick Leave Petition – Will it catch on?
    Goal: 1000 signatures, any and all units
    Motion passed by attendees to pursue sick leave petition
    Motion passed for sick leave flyer approval
  • Pension actuary at meeting
    Most members don’t understand our pension.
    Try to get info from other trades, and work to allocate more next raise.
    Plan on keeping the pressure on Bud.
  • CORE 46 Welcoming Committee
    Same anti republican speech
    Explanation of where our dues go
    Coordination for next welcoming night
  • CORE 46 Pocket guide
  • Old business
    Family Leave. Getting info organized into handout
    Bylaw, electronic notification of bylaws change.
    Bylaw, on call rep, no new progress
    CORE bylaws, no new progress
    Bylaws that Eboard recommend hires for reps and organizers, open application to public
  • Revisit earlier business votes for late comers.
  • Co-op – Without ibew46 admin support, may not be feasible. May start on paper “normal” company, but look to ways to provide profit sharing.

Minutes: 02.04.19 Meeting

-K.J. will continue studying new Family Leave Law, possibility of developing a workshop on what state, federal, and union benefits we have and how to use them.
-Motion made and passed: to have an in person CORE 46 meeting in the lobby of the Kent hall on the Tuesday following the IBEW Local 46 general meeting.
-Motion made and passed: to have CORE 46 zoom (online) meetings open to any interested, Rank and File electrical worker. J.D. Will add the zoom link to the CORE 46 website.
-J.H. Will draft a possible IBEW Local 46 bylaws motion regarding having an on call Rep on staff
-J.Dr. Will ask IBEW Local 46 Business Manager about the possibility of members being able to donate banked insurance hours to other brothers and sisters
-Motion made and passed: to adopt motion forms created by J.M.
-Motion made and passed: to post meeting minutes on CORE 46 website.

Minutes – November 2016

Meeting called to order at 4:30pm 11/18/2016

  • Finance report given. We have limited funds, but have enough to cover the cost of producing generic business cards for advertising with.
  • Discussed the proposed changes to the Pension
  • resurfaced as a discussion topic. Would be great to promote it as an online destination for members to build an online community.
  • The 90 Day Rule Motion was passed at the last General Meeting. It will give members 7 days to quit a job without losing their number of the books. Only one member voted against the motion, and it was later revealed that he has never had to quit or been out of work for more than 20 years.
  • ESU (Electrical Sisters United) is trying to get more members involved with their group and improve the organization of their committee. It is a work in progress
  • The upcoming Local elections were discussed, candidates for Business Manager was the main topic of discussion.
  • Internal organizing members to join and or like CORE 46. Some success at work sites with asking members to join our mailing list.
  • Meeting adjourned at 5:30pm