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The 90 day rule

This is taken from the letter mailed out to all members.

Dated April 8, 2015 , from Jim Tosh


Registrants will retain their position on the Out-of-Work List until they have been out 90 cumulative calendar days for one of more employer’s signatory with Local 46.  (note: This will include employers not signatory with Local 46 but who use Local 46’s hiring hall, examples, under a National Agreement, PLA or CWA.)  Days are counted beginning on the date the registrant is to report to work and ends on the day he or she signs-in at the hall (or his/her termination slip is faxed or e-mailed to the hall by the employer by 4:00 p.m.); both the first day and the last day count.  However, if the registrant signs in from a job in person, prior to dispatch on the next working day, then the last day counted will be the previous work day.

If a registrant is dispatched but not hired then no days will be counted under the 90 day rule so long as they properly notify dispatch by phone or fax before 3:00 p.m.  (otherwise days will count)

Procedure: Registrants who take a dispatch for a call shall, upon signing in from the job, be restored to their prior place on the Out-of-Work List if they have 90 cumulitaive calendar days or less.  If a registrant quits or is terminated for cause, he or she will need to sign the bottom of the Book, and will not reicieve the benefit of the 90 day rule.  The 90 day rule applies to all agreements.

A registrant who takes an unfilled, out-of-class call is not subject to the 90 day rule for the first 90days.  Thereafter the registrant is subject to the 90 day rule.