Our Record

The members of CORE 46 have been at the center of many of the struggles we have had both inside the Local and in our communities. The rumor mongers tend to discount this caucus as a bunch of rabble-rousers intent on creating division. Check out our record for yourself, and see if you see a group that is creating division or a group that is creating solidarity and improving the conditions for the Rank & File.

2015 Contract Solidarity

This is where it started… rank and file members coming together in frustration to how the 2015 contract negotiations where progressing. CORE was established and helped build solidarity actions which directly impacted the negotiation outcome.

7 Day Quit – Referral Rule Change

CORE members pushed and when we were ignored, we pushed again to have the referral rules changed. Members who took a call were unable to walk away from the job without losing their number on the book. Unfortunately, we don’t know what the real conditions are on a job before we take the call and in that sense, take a chance. Members risked burning their number. Now, thanks to the efforts by members of CORE, anyone takig a dispatch may quit within the first 7 days and not lose their number on the book.

Pension Give Away – Reduced

The lasting legacy of Tosh will be the increased hours required for early retirement. He was set on increasing the hours required to 45000, but due to a rank and file outcry and a rally led by CORE. The pressure prevented the 45000 hour requirement from being instituted.

Steward Incentives

CORE wrote and passed a motion to reward Stewards for their service in Local 46 by eliminating their working dues. The motion was passed unanimously by the membership, only to be denied by the IO.

Retirement Classes

Classes for understanding retirement disappeared for some time. After pressure by CORE, the classes returned… although they seem to be disappearing again…

Rank & File Candidate Night

CORE hosted a candidate night for Rank & File members who were running for Business Manager. The event gave a full audience the opportunity to meet with and ask questions of the candidates ahead of the official elections.

Organizer Training

Organizing is not just about bringing new members into the Union. Organizing is also an internal tactic to build solidarity which our Local does not teach. CORE held a class in November 2017, which LU 46 Organizers & Representatives attended, teaching how to “Win on the Job, Use direct action effectively, Get Brothers & Sisters On Board, Use The Contract & Constitution, and Deal With Retaliation”.

2018 Contract Fight – 06 Unit

CORE was an integral part of the Rank & File push against NECA to improve the contract offer for the 06 Unit. CORE organized the first picket and rally at the Puget Sound NECA Chapter office in the history of the Local.

Solidarity Wednesdays

You know those calls you get asking you to wear union apparel on Wednesdays? That request is a direct result of CORE passing a motion to build solidarity by requesting Wednesdays be declared Union Day, and supporting that effort with outreach from the Hall asking people to show their union pride.

New Welcoming Committee

Through a motion to the Local membership and continual pressure on the President of the Local, CORE was able to force the establishment of a Welcoming Committee. The committee will help new members being sworn in with questions about the ins and outs of being a union member and how the Local works.