About CORE 46

Caucus Of Rank & File Electrical Workers – 46

The origin of CORE 46 can be found below. This was written when the group was first starting and is a historical starting point for us. We started out from a point of frustration with the Local leadership, but we are maturing in perspective and direction as we move forward.

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The CORE 46 Project

CORE 46 is an ongoing project which intends to develop solutions to the issues faced by rank and file members in the electrical industry, by training members to become organizers and encouraging solidarity. As union members we understand the need for organization, and recognize that only through organizing our fellow members will we be able to make these ideas succeed.

Why we started CORE 46

The contract negotiations of 2015 had great promise of producing a contract that provided both a substantial raise as well as favorable language changes. Our negotiating team put in a lot of time and effort to make these negotiation possibilities a reality. Unfortunately, weak leadership and fragmented membership produced a contract that did left money on the table, gave away the Seattle Sick & Safe Time, and weakened contract language.

Soon after an overwhelming strike authorization vote, the membership was asked take their tools home and turn in their company keys. The excitement about a possible strike had reached its peak, only to be popped by a lack of foresight and the removal of support from the International Office. The uproar on social media from the membership was very harsh and what support the negotiating team had vanished. The failure to actually put our foot down with the contractors, cemented the sense of being a weak union. Local 46 is becoming incapable of sticking together and standing up for itself.

The Local has failed to develop a strategy to rally its members. The CORE 46 group is an effort to combat the apathy and discouragement of the Local’s membership. By developing ideas to solve issues, and press the Local’s leadership for action, CORE 46 will show the membership that solidarity is not dead and that it is possible to affect change. Through small victories, the membership will (re)learn the importance of solidarity and once again become a union of active members.