Minutes: 02-19-2019

  • Agenda reading
  • Sick Leave Petition – Will it catch on?
    Goal: 1000 signatures, any and all units
    Motion passed by attendees to pursue sick leave petition
    Motion passed for sick leave flyer approval
  • Pension actuary at meeting
    Most members don’t understand our pension.
    Try to get info from other trades, and work to allocate more next raise.
    Plan on keeping the pressure on Bud.
  • CORE 46 Welcoming Committee
    Same anti republican speech
    Explanation of where our dues go
    Coordination for next welcoming night
  • CORE 46 Pocket guide
  • Old business
    Family Leave. Getting info organized into handout
    Bylaw, electronic notification of bylaws change.
    Bylaw, on call rep, no new progress
    CORE bylaws, no new progress
    Bylaws that Eboard recommend hires for reps and organizers, open application to public
  • Revisit earlier business votes for late comers.
  • Co-op – Without ibew46 admin support, may not be feasible. May start on paper “normal” company, but look to ways to provide profit sharing.