Minutes: 02.04.19 Meeting

-K.J. will continue studying new Family Leave Law, possibility of developing a workshop on what state, federal, and union benefits we have and how to use them.
-Motion made and passed: to have an in person CORE 46 meeting in the lobby of the Kent hall on the Tuesday following the IBEW Local 46 general meeting.
-Motion made and passed: to have CORE 46 zoom (online) meetings open to any interested, Rank and File electrical worker. J.D. Will add the zoom link to the CORE 46 website.
-J.H. Will draft a possible IBEW Local 46 bylaws motion regarding having an on call Rep on staff
-J.Dr. Will ask IBEW Local 46 Business Manager about the possibility of members being able to donate banked insurance hours to other brothers and sisters
-Motion made and passed: to adopt motion forms created by J.M.
-Motion made and passed: to post meeting minutes on CORE 46 website.