IUOE 302 on Strike

Hello Fellow Electrical Workers,

The Caucus of Rank and File Electrical Workers (C.O.R.E. 46) hopes that you have already heard that The International Union of Operating Engineers Local 302 (I.U.O.E. 302) has rejected their contract offer and is now on strike. There are pickets going up all around the Puget Sound. C.O.R.E. 46 stands in solidarity with the Union Operators. As decided by our members, it is the position of C.O.R.E. 46 to NEVER CROSS A PICKET LINE, and never work with scabs (someone performing the work of a striking worker). Our industry is made up of many Unions, but we are all one working class and we are united in the fight for a higher and higher standard of living. There are some questions that fellow electrical workers may have regarding the strike and we would like to offer possible answers to some of these questions.

Q: There is a picket on my job, what should I do?
A: Our unions were built on the principle of labor solidarity. Honor your fellow workers, NEVER CROSS A PICKET LINE.

Q: There is no picket on my job, what should I do?
A: Obey your conscience. Pay attention to the positions that operators usually fill on your jobsite. Are those positions being filled by other workers or by management themselves? How would you feel if you were on strike and some scab came and did your job, possibly for a lower wage than you do it? Never work with scabs.

Stand strong Fellow Workers, and keep I.U.O.E. 302 in your thoughts and prayers. If you have any questions you can email C.O.R.E. 46 at contact@core46.org

In Solidarity,

The Caucus of Rank and File Electrical Workers
C.O.R.E. 46