Strength of Solidarity

When faced with adversity the first instinct people tend to have is to stand up for themselves and then look for people in a leadership role to help them. Whether that is a parent, supervisor, an officer, or in our case typically a representative. Unfortunately, when the adversity is coming from that authority figure it can seem like an impossible challenge to overcome when taking it on alone.

Our leadership presented us with a 45000 hour requirement to be able to retire. It was the strength of individual members speaking out during meetings, and ultimately a growing show of solidarity by members going to the Hall in force to show that we were not going to take this weakening of our pension without a fight.

Tosh may claim in the future how he won a reduction to 35000 hours, but don’t forget, he was ready to settle at 45000 back in October. It was the Membership standing together that won the reduction!

In the next fight we have, let us look back on this and know that we can win when we stand together!

Rank & File Primary Night

We need your support! To build a stronger union, we need to put democracy back in our Local. Can you print and share these fliers on your job? We will be hosting a Rank & File Primary Night, but we need help getting the word out. The plan is to have the Rank & File candidates give a little speech and answer a few questions. Followed up by a vote at the meeting as well as an open poll here online. We will provide a link to the poll once it is set up. In the mean time, please share the event and fliers below:

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