Wow, Uncomitted Much?

If you are reading this, then you are probably already aware that a lot of members suddenly had “something else” to do on Thursday of this last week. For most, it was to go down to the Hall and confront the business manager, Tosh, on how the pension changes are unfolding at the expense of the members. We could get into the weeds about the details of those pending changes, but hopefully you already know, and we should really take a stronger consideration of how Tosh has responded to the membership.

Facing 50+ members during “working” hours on a Thursday afternoon supposedly came to a surprise to the BM, so he REFUSED to meet with them. Instead putting off the discussion one more day, with a reason of “I didn’t know you guys were coming. Had I known I would have scheduled time to discuss” (paraphrasing here). This is BS. He knew that the membership was going to be on his doorstep Thursday. The possibility of an action was reported to the Hall on Wednesday the day prior, with a confirmation that the Hall was already aware of the pending situation. I don’t know what you think of this dancing around that Tosh is doing, but he is being untruthful even on the small technicality that this is.

There was a benefit of Tosh refusing to speak to the membership on Thursday. This gave an opening for the Rank & File to organize and come back the next day when with even more members. Estimates have been in the 75 – 100 members attended the meeting on Tosh’s terms and gave him hell about the proposed sNECA changes to the pension. Time and again, Tosh presented the options as something that they don’t have to do, but want your advise on how to proceed. Tosh is looking to make a bad choice for the membership, and then blame the membership for voting for that bad option on a rigged ballot. I’m calling it out as rigged, because the choices here are artificially limited by sNECA and a complicit Board of Trustees.

Three maybe four times (at least), the members asked Tosh, “what are you going to do now?”  The response of “I don’t know”, is less than promising that Tosh is going to take our position seriously. The next pension trust meeting is on the 16th. Time and location is a secret, as they don’t want a picket outside during their meeting. But if they are refusing to listen to the membership, and the proposed changes that we would like to see implemented to save the 30K retirement AND the multiplier, what choice do we have? A picket may be the only thing that the membership can do now to prevent the tragedy that is unfolding.

Pention Write-in: Graph A

The least damaging option presented to the members was graph A. This “solution” keeps the 30K retirement and does not change the multiplier. Unfortunately, this option was pulled from the ballot by our labor trustees because they do not think they can convince the management trustees to accept it.

Don’t believe them! If the membership is willing to put their money (an additional  $0.80/hr) into the pension plan for a solution the Actuary suggested, then we should be able to win the Fiduciary Responsibility argument.

Write in “Graph A”, the choice comes down to $0.80/hr now or 5+ years of additional labor with reduced benefits.

Where is the Rank & File?

Granted, this post is being made ahead of the meeting tonight, but our past turnout shows that there is little involvement by the membership. There has been no effort by the Hall to organize the Rank & File, and CORE 46 is still trying to make inroads with the most vocal, there will be a low turnout tonight as well.

Unfortunately, members have been led to believe that they should just rely on the Leadership they have elected at the Hall to protect their interests. Whose responsibility is it really though? The Leadership is acting on what they believe is in the best interest of the membership from their perspective, NOT from yours! The members need to hold the Leadership of our Local accountable, and push them in the direction that serves the membership first.

Time and again, the members put in motions which are ignored by our Leadership. This type of leadership is what causes members to say “What is the point? The Hall will do it anyway!” Do you really think they would if the membership was holding its own rallies or pickets in front of the offices of both the Local and NECA? Don’t try and pretend that the pension issues are just from NECA. Tosh told the membership not to put more than $1 into the pension even though the Actuary said we needed $1.83.

It is actually the last raise allocation which is now being cited as the reason we are not being given a 30,000 hour retirement option. The membership “choose” to only put $1 into the pension even though the Actuary said more was needed. Yea, and this was done at the “advise” of your Leadership.

We need to organize the Rank & File, and the Hall isn’t going to do it. If we don’t do it, we should expect to continue to give up more benefits and get lousy contracts.