Special Meeting Notice

We had a great meeting last night, everyone had so much to contribute to the conversation! There are some important dates that we need to organize for, and everyone agrees that there is no time to waste. With that said, we will be having another meeting this month to check in and report on their progress. This meeting will be December 27th at 4:30pm, the Tuesday following Christmas. Tentatively, we will be meeting at the Northgate Library, pending confirmation of the reservation. This is a great time to jump in and push for changes that actually help the Rank & File!

What are your average hours per year?

Recently you should have received your pension statement. With all the discussion about the potential changes to the plan, I was curious about what my average hours per year has been. Keep in mind that I have a family to earn a living for, and I have only taken 3 intentional vacations over the last ten years. Turns out, that over my time in the trade i have averaged 1540 hours per year. Without touting my horn too much, I am no slacker… but the 1800 hours the Hall wants to use for their analysis is over 16% higher than I have averaged.

How about you? How many hours are you averaging, and is the 1800 realistic?

Wage Allocation Results

Last night around 300 members participated in the Wage Allocation meetings. The Inside Unit had $3.75 and Sound & Com had $1.75 for allocation.  Here is the break down in case you missed it:

Inside Unit: $1 pension, $0.25 401k, $0.15 health, remaining $1.85 (less 3% for NEBF) to the check.

Sound & Com: $0.60 pension, remaining $1.15 to the check.

Stockman: ?…. I was unable to find a Stockman that had any information…

The pension contributions are a good step in resolving the issues with the pension. We will have to wait and see what happens over the next 3 months when the pension is revisited for corrections.


Wage Allocation Meeting

Just a little reminder that at the next Unit Meeting on December 7th, we will be allocating our next raise of $3.25. At the last pension meeting, the Actuary stated that if we put $1.89 into the pension under “non-accruing” then our pension should come out of its downward projection. A $2 allocation would not be out of the question in this scenario, which would leave $1.25 for the check. What do you think about this?