Water…. please!?

WAC 296-155-140

1) Potable water.

(a) You must provide an adequate supply of potable water in all places of employment.

(b) Portable containers used to dispense drinking water must be capable of being tightly closed and equipped with a tap. Water must not be dipped from containers.

(c) You must clearly mark any container used to distribute drinking water as to the nature of its contents and not used for any other purpose.

(d) The common drinking cup is prohibited.

(e) Where single service cups (to be used but once) are supplied, you must provide both a sanitary container for the unused cups and a receptacle for disposing of the used cups.

(f) You must thoroughly clean all water containers used to furnish drinking water at least once each week or more often as conditions require.

Operational Fees and Investment Returns

Well… here is a letter that tells us that our Vacation Fund is going to be charged $3 per month from now on. At least for some undetermined length of time. The explanation is not given any historical context and was not presented to the membership at any General or Unit Meetings. We have a Vacation Fund that takes 6% of our wages and invests the monies in mostly bond markets… those markets have not had returns that exceed the administrative costs, so guess what? The Vacation Fund is in the RED by speculatively $300,000! And if you have been paying attention at all… you may realize that this is the skeleton they have been keeping in the closet on why we can’t move our “Vacation Account” to Denali Credit Union.

We have an intelligent membership who is willing to make the necessary steps to correct problems. The Leadership at the Hall has failed to bring the members up to speed, and instead chooses to unilaterally make these decisions and cut us out of the loop. I fully believe that the membership would support the decision that was made, but the real problem here is keeping the issue hidden. They have known about this problem since they started looking into the change over to Denali, but they have not told the general membership… and they still haven’t…

Ugh 👿

Vacation Fund Fees

The new vacation fund fee that was announced by letter has got a number of us a little upset. Here we went from an account that accrued a minor amount of interest to one that doesn’t accrue any. Now we are actually going to be charged  $3 per month for the account! Most of us don’t want the account in the first place!

Article XVIII of the IBEW Constitution states in Section 3 that “No assessment shall be levied by the L.U. except by majority vote of the members present…”

Did you get a vote on this?