Can We Do More?

What do you mean!? Can we do more?

I ask this question in the context of our relationship with our union friendly contractors. Can we do more for them, which is in turn for us really? And I don’t mean can we do more for them on the job. We all know that many of us do a hell of a lot for them on the job. What I do mean is, can we do more for them outside of the job? As individuals there is very little we can do really, but technology has an ability to take our voices and experiences in aggregate and cause some changes. While I’m not so hot on the idea of actually “liking” my own employer on Facebook, there may be other online avenues that we could help them improve. Write online reviews of your experiences with them and other contractors if you have used them. Help them develop their online reputation, encourage the organizations we have relationships with to link to the contractor’s web site. That is just a couple ways… I’m sure you have some ideas of your own… maybe you could share.