Injuries & Representation

Q: If I get injured on the job, can I request union representation?

A: Yes, you have the right to representation during any investigative interview. This includes when discussing any accident / injury as well as during any medical exam or urinalysis testing.

Q: Does the employer’s representative have to be in the room during the medical exam with the doctor / nurse?

A: No, and it is recommended that they are asked to leave the room if they attempt to enter. There has been many occasions where the employer’s representative adds pressure to the doctor / nurse to give a clean bill of health even though the patient is injured. I bet you could guess why they would do this…


Shift Start – When and Where?

Q: My foreman tells me that I should be at the gang box at the start of my shift, but I was told before to be at the break shack with everyone else when my shift starts. What does the contract say about this?

A: Section 3.16 Workers Report Time …  … Employees shall report on the job or shop ready to begin work at the designated place of the employer by starting time.

So, it seems pretty clear that the Employer can designate the place you are expected to be at the start of your shift. What is questionable however is whether they can tell some individuals to be in one place, such as the break shack, and tell others to be at a specific gang box. There are potential problems in this and any other scenario where individuals are being singled out and treated differently than the other employees.  If you are being singled out in this way, I would suggest getting your steward or representative involved in the conversation.